Interesting small businesses to start

Being your own boss is great – at the end of the day, very few people enjoy working for someone else. That being said, picking the right small business to invest in isn’t easy, and ensuring it prospers through the first few bumpy months(and years) is even harder.

Originality and availability play a big role. Do you have a great idea, or are you simply doing what dozens of others in your area are doing? To help you decide, here are some interesting small businesses you could start in nearly any part of the U.S.

Interesting Small Businesses To Start

Air duct cleaner: The benefits of clean air ducts are becoming clearer and clearer, and demand for competent cleaners is on the rise. This is one type of cleaning gig where you won’t really have to get down and dirty – for the most part, specialized machines with lengthy tubes will do the work for you. The startup price is fairly low, and you’ll experience no shortage of thankfulness by people whose homes you improve, although it might take you a while to learn the tricks of the trade.

Scuba gear rental: Are you fortunate enough to live in a place with lots of sunny beaches and plenty of water activities to enjoy? Perhaps renting scuba gear would be a great startup for you. The benefits of owning this type of business are many: you’ll essentially be working at the beach, the work in question is fairly easy, and there’s great potential for return on your investment. If you’re an experienced scuba diver, you can even pair the gear rentals with some diving lessons to earn a few extra bucks while having fun all the way. Of course, competition is an issue, and you’ll always have to keep an eye on others who could be renting better equipment than you for less money. Still, if you want to have a beach life-oriented business and jet ski/umbrella rentals are too unoriginal for you, scuba gear might be your thing.

Vending machine store and repair: This tends to be a fairly niche market – while this means there won’t be a lot of competition, you might also find yourself strapped for customers, especially early on. On the other hand, vending machines are just as popular now as they were a decade ago if not even more so, and every institution is looking to have two on its premises – one for coffee and one for snacks that cause you to put on a few extra pounds. Provided you can get a nice deal with a manufacturer, you could make a pretty penny selling these things, especially if you’re a keen handyman and can add vending machine repairs to your list of services.

Franchises: Want to own a business but don’t feel as if you can create a successful brand? No problem – there are many established brands with worldwide recognition whose stores you can franchise. From Subway or McDonald’s to some of the less known brands, with a little bit of startup capital, you could be the boss of a multinational store, even if just locally – sure, you’ll have to share your profits, but nothing’s perfect, right?